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CROWN POINT DEALIN DEUCES working our llamas
We are a small family operated kennel in Queen Creek, AZ (San Tan Valley, AZ). We are located
about 30 miles south east of Phoenix, AZ. Our main goal in breeding is to raise healthy, happy and
sound Aussie puppies. That are great working dogs.

Here at Mott Ranch we strive to produce Aussies
(Standard Size) that are not only pleasing in
appearance but that also have the natural athletic working ability. We believe this allows the
Aussies to be perfect companions for almost any activity. Whether it is herding, showing,
competing in the agility ring, search and rescue, tracking, therapy work, Frisbee, flyball,
swimming, hiking, biking, or a jogging partner. We also strive to produce puppies that are
structurally sound and well-rounded dispositions. We believe our puppies are not only suitable for
the farmer/rancher but also for the active family. Overall, our vision and goal with breeding
Aussie's is to produce an all around/versatile Australian Shepherd.

Our puppies are Born in our home under constant care. They are raised around livestock, other
dogs and 2 children. Our whole family helps out with the puppies and dogs. We love being
together as a family and having fun with our dogs.

We register our puppies with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and or Australian Shepherd Club
of America (ASCA).

We usually have all four colors available. Blue Merle, Red Merle, Black Tri and Red Tri. We
sometimes have bi colored Aussie puppies available.

We have a few litters each year. We can ship by air or ground transport anywhere in the
continental USA.
Our Puppies are bred to work livestock
We use and Highly recommended NuVetPlus
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Jammer herding a sheep
The picture above is of Jammer.
Jammer is a Black Tri Male Australian Shepherd.
He is owned by Pat White.
Photo credit Pat White
Jammer is out of
Welcome to Mott Ranch. Home of BLAZIN' SUN Australian Shepherds.
Australian Shepherd Blue Merle Color
Mott Ranch / Jenny Mott
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