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Sara’s sleeping under my desk right now, so I thought it would be appropriate to send you an update
on her progress.  
We couldn’t be happier.  She’s just a little love.  I can’t tell you how surprised and delighted we were
when we opened your CD of pictures.  What a treasure.  And, you can let your kids know that the
separation blanket you made is her favorite.  She plays with it endlessly.   
As you know, this is our third Aussie, but I have to tell you, Sara is REALLY bright.  We’ve had very
few potty accidents.  We always leave her leash on the knob of the closet door.  Without any
encouragement on our part, she’s decided that when she needs to go potty, she brings us the leash.  
Let me tell you, when we see the leash running through the house, we are both on the move.  
It took only one morning of encouragement, and she is already bringing in the morning paper, without
having to be coached.  

Thanks again for everything!
Sara lives in Washington (Sara is a Piper x Cooper Puppy)
Marshall is wonderful with our kids and all other’s that come in and out of our busy home.  We even had a small
toddler fall out of her lawn chair right on him and he was un-phased…I loved it!  One photo is of Marshall and
Walker , 4, playing on a lawn toy… Marshall was catching the water as it sprayed out when Walker jumped on it.  
Bechler, 5, has been found snuggled up on Marshall ’s belly while they relax in front of the TV.  He doesn’t care
much for the horses and I am hoping he never learns the hard way.  The other photos are of his sister Dixie (13 lb
mix) and him on a pine needle bed that he discovered camping…he would stir up the pine needles for a nice
cushion bed…did I say how savvy he is?

We ask Marshall to sit at the door before coming in the house and also while we dish up his food. I think I had to
ask him twice to do that and after that it was part of his routine.  Smart boy!  So far this summer we have been to
our ranch several times, camping twice, one river trip (he loves the raft and his new life jacket), and to friends
where he has always been a gentleman every time.  People can’t believe he is only a pup.  

Marshall lives in Idaho
( Marshall is a Arrow x Gambit 2011 Puppy)
most wonderful dog we've ever had. She is very loving and she has really helped me get over my dog bite incident.
We will likely get another puppy from you at some point! Thank you for such a phenomenal puppy!!!!

Kaya lives in North Carolina
(Kaya is a Arrow x Gambit 2011 puppy)
We could not be happier!
Brizzie lives in Flagstaff, AZ
(Brizzie is a Deuce x Rusty Puppy)
I wanted to let you know how baby is - we call him Simon.  He is very happy and growing like a weed-he loves his
food now and eats 3 times a day.  Potty training is going as well as I can expect, sometimes he goes to the door,
sometimes not! :)  He does NOT like his crate as it keeps him from me though he is sleeping through the night now,

We love him, needless to say!  He is soooo smart and is learning very quickly how to be where I am all the time.  He
jumps the baby gate and is on all of the furniture and our bed - where Simon wants to be is where he is.  He has the
bulldogs where he wants them as well - he snarls and barks if they get too rough and sometimes runs to me when
he gets a little hurt!  They all love him for the most part as he is not "bully" and rough like they are - I am pleased
with everyone's acceptance of him.  He does love to chase the cats however, they don't find that very amusing.  He
spends most of his days following me around, chewing toys or lying on the air condition vent - his favorite place!!

I can see all of his potential already in his gate and his obvious ability to jump and run! :)  He is just what I wanted
and we are all happy - thank you!  I will keep you posted periodically and include pics now and then.  Hope all is well
- cant wait to see pics of the new litter when they arrive!

Simon lives in Iowa
(Simon is a Deuce x Rusty Puppy)
I wanted to email you some pictures and update you on 'Buck', now named Bolo.  He is an awesome
puppy, very chilled out at times but also very playful and rambunctious at other times.  I can tell that he is
one smart cookie and picks up so well on tone of voice and he already responds to his name which
happened so fast.  He gets along great with our other dog and is fairly gentle with the cats but does try to
initiate play with them at times. Dragging his blanket out of his crate is great fun for him too!

He's going to the vet this week for his second set of shots.  We haven't taken him anywhere yet but will
once his shots are finished.  I registered him already and his full name is Mott's Be On the Lookout.  I have
been brushing him here and there getting him used to being groomed.  I did switch his food since we don't
have a Costco here.  He is now eating Taste of the Wild and gets one NuVet wafer per day.  I also give him
a little cottage cheese each day for calcium.  

Overall, he is doing really well.  He is still very vocal while in the crate but does settle down after a bit.  I
hope you enjoy the pictures!  

Bolo lives in Montana (B
olo is a Deuce x Rusty Puppy)
Just an update. Izzy is an amazing puppy! Super smart. Learning to swim, learning many tricks and loves to
cuddle and play. She knows sit, stay, lay down, crawl, shake left, shake right, paws up, fetch, rollover, the
name of at least 5 toys and working on much more! Healthy as ever, I have got a collection of her baby
teeth now and her new coat just started coming in. You weren't kidding though. She has a super active jaw!!

Izzy lives in Arizona
(Izzy is a Gambit x Arrow Puppy)
Just wanted to let you know that Sprite--we've named her Daisy--is doing great!
She has learned her name and 'sit' already, and enjoyed the big snow we got this weekend. Thanks for the
great pup!

Daisy lives in Flagstaff, AZ
(Dasiy is a Deuce x Kate Puppy)
Hi Jenny!
I wanted to send you an updated picture of Rain.  Rain is just over 2 years old now and is more fun every day.  She
loves to play Frisbee, do agility and hike.  She has such a personality and we’re so happy to have her in our life!   
The attached picture was taken on Monday, April 4, 2011 on a walk to the top of the hills in our neighborhood.  It’s
one of my favorite pictures of her.

Rain lives in Henderson, Nevada (Rain is a Sandy x Stryker Puppy)
Muffet came over to visit us for a few days while her owners went out of town. She is such a great pup and we had
so much fun with her.
She is so much like her mother Arrow and loves to go and play.
Her owners said that they don't know what life would be without her. They say that she is one of the smartest
puppies they have ever owned. Any trick they train her, she learns within a few lessons. Muffet is a big part of their
life and they keep telling me how much they love her.

Muffet lives in Colorado (Muffet is a Arrow x Cooper Puppy)
We purchased "Riley" (Riley Boots Stryker - officially) from you in May 2008 when he was two days old (born May 7,
2008). He was in a litter of 4, and the only male blue merle. You later told us he was the pick of the litter. He has
turned out to be the most wonderful dog and I thought I would share some photos (3 Thank you again for bringing
this joy into our lives. I hope you and your family are doing well.

Riley lives in North Phoenix, AZ (Riley is an Sandy x Stryker Puppy)
Hi, I bought my dog Ranger almost two years ago from Mott Ranch. My family and I love him to death and are so very
greatful. I thought you would like to see some recent pictures of him. Thanks again.
Ranger lives in AZ (Ranger is a Sandy x Stryker Puppy
Update: March 24th 2011 - Sadie has her Delta Society Evaluation this Sunday to be in the therapy
Canine Program. Wish us luck!

Sadie is wonderful.  She passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen @ 1 year of age.  We are in our second
class of Agility and she's done some fly ball training.  She's the star of the classes.  We hike about five
miles everyday and then hang out for a while at the local Starbucks.  She is so Sadie is 43 pounds.  I feed
her Wild Salmon dog food and give her an Omega 3 w/fish oil daily.  She basically doesn't shed.  She gets
to swim almost daily.  She loves the water and shows no fear of anything.

Sadie lives in Tucson, AZ  (Sadie is an Arrow x Stryker Puppy)
Here are some awesome pictures of Tate and Nala playing in the snow in Payson. They loved the snow so
much it was cute and hilarious. We love our dogs so much. They have brought us so much joy. They are
incredibly intelligent and really good companions. They are very obedient and eager to learn. They are
good dogs. We are happy owners.

Proud Owner of 2 Mott Ranch Puppies!
Nala and Tate live in Gilbert, Arizona
(Both puppies are from Arrow x Wrangler)
Hi Jenny,
I wanted to give you an update on our beloved Kibo - Cooper & Arrow litter from last summer.  The
pictures show what a beautiful dog he has become.  I take him out in public and get soooo many
comments on, "what a handsome boy he is"!  The first pic is him at 6 weeks (you took it)....thank you for
sending us these precious pictures.  The second pic is him at 7 months on top of Camelback mountain.  
From powder puff to mountain goat....what a climber he is.  In addition to hiking with us, Kibo is doing very
well in his agility classes.  He also met Tanner (half brother - loves to give kisses.  In a year or two, we will
be back to Mott Ranch looking for another Aussie companion for Kibo.loves to give kisses.  In a year or
two, we will be back to Mott Ranch looking for another Aussie companion for Kibo.

Kibo lives in Arizona (Kibo is an Arrow x Cooper Puppy)
Quincy is the BEST puppy ever!  He is so smart, clever and has the best personality.  He is by far the
goofiest dog, we've been around and has a great sense of humor!  He loves learning new tricks.  The vet
is also a huge fan of people and other animals.  He gets so excited every time he gets to meet someone
new!  We have had so many compliments on him.  Everyone he encounters says he is the cutest puppy
they have even seen and love his tri color markings (he is getting lots of new brown markings).  I think he
is going to look just like his Dad Cooper.  He has been such an easy pup to raise, we already have our
eyes on your web site looking for a companion for Quincy!
Thanks again for everything, Quincy brings so much joy and happiness to our lives!

Quincy lives in Arizona  (Quincy is a Piper x Cooper Puppy)
We are enjoying Marble...he's a terrific dog!! He and I are having fun exploring the area, taking a couple
of long walks every day, and making time for several hikes a week. We're fortunate to have so many
trails nearby! At 12 weeks (last weekend), he weighed 22 pounds, so he's growing quickly. The vet says
he's a very healthy pup! He and I had a private session with a trainer two weeks ago, so we both are
obedience classes.
Take care and THANK YOU for all you do!!!

Marble lives in Arizona (Marble is a Piper x Cooper Puppy)
Thank you Jenny and Mott Ranch for our Rani!  Not only is she beautiful, she is lovey, playful and very
smart!  Because I live out of state, I many wonderful pictures too.  I was worried about the plane trip for
Rani - Jenny assured me she had done this many times before; no worries - Rani arrived safely and
there were absolutely no problems.  If I decide to get another Aussie (and Aussies are my favorite breed)
I will definitely go back to Mott Ranch!

Rani lives in Ohio (Rani is a Piper x Cooper Puppy)
Hi Jenny
Hope you and your family had a nice Christmas and New Year!  I thought I would send you a few pics of
Sundance so you can see what a handsome young man he has turned into.
His split face is very representative of his personality.  His dark side represents his strong, demanding
personality that fears nothing.  While his light side represents a sweet, loving, gentle boy with lots of
kisses to offer, especially in the morning.
He has turned into quite a hiking partner too, he can't wait to hit the trailhead pretty much daily.  He
exceeds in his puppy class and there isn't much he doesn't pick up just by doing it once or twice.  We
just love him to death and can't say thank you enough for such a wonderful boy.
Take Care,
Sundance lives in Arizona (Sundance is a Carma x Sandy Puppy)
Chico is doing great.  He is so smart and loves people and other animals.  

The other night my husband and I were eating dinner on the couch in front of the TV.  Chico brought a
toy to me and wanted to play.  I said no Chico, I am going to finish dinner and then get my pajamas on.  
A few second later Chico showed up with my pajamas and put them on the couch beside me.

Since Chico was little he would come in the bathroom at night when it is time to put on my pajamas.  I
always talk to him and tell him it is time to put on my pajamas.   He pays attention to everything and
misses little.  I am always finding new words that Chico understands and I did not even realize it.

Chico lives in Texas (Chico is a Piper x JD Puppy)

"Silver is spry, smart, and sweet. Aussies are an energetic breed, but he can be wonderfully calm, our  "mellow
fellow."  It is clear how much care was put into rearing him, because he adapts easily to changing environments
and new people. Mott Ranch's family involvement really shows when he is around kids. He's so good looking that
they all want to pet him. He's charming. We're going to do agility training with him because he is already trying
some of the moves. When we get another Aussie, we'll go back to Mott Ranch. --Tristan & Karen"

Silver lives in Tucson, AZ (Silver is a Piper x JD Puppy)
"Here is a recent pic of Tanner, our pretty special brown-eyed tri. Love him so much!
Thanks again,"